WTG Offshore & Bladena

WTG Offshore

Through strategic partnerships, innovation, and quality control, WTG Blades delivers cutting-edge services aligned with our clients' strategic goals. With decades of experience, we ensure the pinnacle of quality assurance.

Collaborating with industry leaders, WTG Blades is devoted to technical excellence and project precision. We seamlessly execute projects, solidifying our position as the premier US service provider for OEM'S and asset owners. We firmly believe in achieving top-tier repairs through the expertise of seasoned composite professionals. We selectively source technicians with a proven track record in the wind industry or directly from OEM blade manufacturers.

We continually refine our technicians skills through inhouse training and certifications from Siemens Gamesa and Global Blades Services. We take pride in our first-in-class reporting system, livestreaming all repair stages to our back-office engineers for full engineering QA/QC control. Client reports, showcasing each stage of the repair, are promptly issued within 24hrs. The substantial expansion of our global 1st-class repair teams has fueled remarkable growth in our client base. Year after year, this sustained growth underscores the unwavering trust our clients place in our services. 

Our online management of all repairs by WTG Blades‘ QA/QC Engineering Managers ensures a seamless and efficient repair process. Proud to offer a 5-year Warranty

    Our clients include:

    • Vestas
    • Engie
    • EDF
    • RES
    • Wood Group
    • Bladefence
    • Arevon Energy
    • Duke Energy
    • Invenergy
    • Evergy
    • Leeward Energy
    • Foresight

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    Bladena is the category leader in providing life cycle management services for the wind turbine rotor blade industry. Trusted by Wind turbine Owners, Asset managers and Operators all over the world, our expertise in structural engineering, testing, modeling, and root cause analysis is backed by our independent testing facilities, a compendium of blade defect field data and an award winning team of engineers and technical experts

    From point of purchase assessment, commissioning, end of warranty strategy, maintenance operations and lifetime extension, Bladena collaborates closely with customers to provide advisory services that reduce OPEX, mitigate blade failures and extend asset life.

    We also provide up-tower Repair solutions that not only ensure a solid repair but also address and eliminate the root cause behind the damage, preventing the need for re-repairing.

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