eologix-ping and Weather Guard Lightning Tech

eologix-ping specializes in blade condition monitoring solutions deployed across 2,000+ turbines in 25+ countries, ensuring optimal performance and safety. The systems safeguard your blades, detecting damage, lightning strikes, icing, and misalignments. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, eologix-ping provides comprehensive data, empowering you to make informed decisions. The solutions seamlessly integrate, whether for new turbines or upgrades, offering peace of mind while maximizing your turbine's efficiency and performance.

Weather Guard Lighting Tech provides a Wind Turbine LPS upgrade used globally in the aerospace and wind industries that extends blade life and increases wind farm profitability by stopping lightning damage.  StrikeTape is easy to install and increases the effectiveness of the factory LPS with no adverse effects. It does this by providing lightning an intensely attractive path to the existing LPS, avoiding wrong lightning attachments and other lightning related damages.

Stop spending money to repair lightning damages year after year - connect with us at weatherguardwind.com.

eologix-ping offers a lightning strike solution providing notification of any strike with or without associated damage. With eologix-ping and Weather Guard you will be notified of the strike and ensure the strike reaches the receptors to avoid additional damage from lightning strike. Learn more at https://www.eologix-ping.com/en/