AERONES is the leader in robotic wind turbine inspection and maintenance services. Leveraging a proprietary robotic technology, we execute critical tasks 3 - 6 times faster, and with up to 10 times fewer idle days.

Founded in 2015, Aerones has garnered attention for its innovative approach to wind turbine maintenance. Specializing in robotics, the company has developed a ground-breaking robotic systems designed to conduct inspections, repairs, and cleaning of wind turbines, with the aim of making these processes more efficient, safer, and cost-effective.

Aerones' solution addresses a growing need in the wind energy sector. As the world shifts towards renewable energy, the number of wind turbines has been increasing exponentially. However, maintaining these turbines, especially their blades, is a challenging and risky task, often involving human workers performing high-altitude operations. Aerones' robotic system not only mitigates these risks but also offers a more efficient and affordable solution.

Aerones’ range of robot-enabled solutions already serve customers that represent 50 % of the world’s wind power capacity. 

Aerones services:

  • Drone-based visual inspections.
  • Blade internal inspections employing an innovative crawler robot equipped with 360-degree cameras, LiDAR sensors, and AI for damage detection and classification.
  • Inspections and repairs of lightning protection systems.
  • Cleaning of towers, blades, and nacelles, facilitated through a combination of robotic systems and rope access technicians.
  • Application of ice-phobic coatings designed to deter ice accumulation on turbine blades.
  • Preventive and corrective leading-edge repairs, which can enhance annual energy production by as much as 5%.
  • Customer platform with advanced reports and data analysis tools for customers.

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