Interview with Sulzer Schmid:

Marc Hoffmann, the Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Sulzer Schmid answered our questions…

  1. Why are you sponsoring Blades USA? 

    It is an excellent opportunity to engage with key stakeholders in the US market for rotor blades O&M.

2.  What are you most looking forward to at Blades USA?

Discussing how the industry can improve diagnostics and standardisation of blade damages together with key stakeholders and of course networking and exposure of our brand to the US market.

3. What will you be speaking about on the day?

I am part of a panel of experts and together we will discuss a number of topics in relation to standardisation such as if certification agencies are needed to achieve a standardisation and if it is possible to have a “one-fits-all” solution to monitor blade health.

4. Why is it so important now more than ever for people to come to Blades USA? 

Inspecting and maintaining rotor blades is definitely one of the most important aspects of wind turbine asset management, and with turbine rotor blades getting longer, now more than ever. Blades US is the perfect opportunity for industry stakeholders to meet, learn and exchange ideas and experiences in this specific area.

5. What can we expect from Sulzer Schmid this year?

  1. We are launching our new 3DX™ HP solution, our latest development to address the needs of high-volume inspection campaigns. Fast, efficient, and accurate, it this streamlined, single-stop solution is designed to withstand the toughest onshore and offshore environment and with the fastest industry turnaround times for multi-GW blade inspections.
  2. We are also looking forward to bringing our 3DX LPS and blade inspections to the market. It is a new drone-based solution for testing of LPS and rotor blades during one autonomous flight, and enables more efficient test and route planning, leading to downtime reduction which results in higher revenue for the owner of a wind farm.
  3. As always we also have a number of exciting updates to our 3DX blade platform.


Hear from Sulzer Schmid’s Global Head of Sales & Marketing, Marc Hoffmann in our 16:15pm session on day one. 

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