Interview with Ping Monitor:

1. Why are you sponsoring Blades USA? 

Ping Monitor is a world-first continuous blade condition monitoring system. We are very keen to help support the industry optimise blade O&M further by adopting our technology. Blades USA is a great way to meet key industry participants with this aim. 

2. What are you most looking forward to at Blades USA? 

Meet existing friends who are customers and partners, plus also operators who we have not met before. 

3. Why is it so important now more than ever for people to come to Blades USA? 

Knowledge sharing is critical to the advancement of the industry. The best way of doing this is in person and this is even more important given the difficulty of meeting in person.  

4. What can we expect from Ping Services this year? 

Ping is planning to triple the number of Ping Monitor installations in the next 12 months. We will also be releasing our ice detection system for early adopter customers in 2022. 

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