1.     Why are you sponsoring Blades USA? 

We see blades as a key challenge for our customers and Blades USA is a great place for focused discussion and learning on reducing blade maintenance costs.

  1.     What are you most looking forward to at Blades USA?

We are most looking forward to hearing from our customers & industry leaders on the key challenges in the blades industry, as well discussing innovative solutions.

  1.     What will you be speaking about on the day?

ONYX will be part of a panel of experts discussing blade monitoring solutions and methods, including innovative solutions in the blade monitoring space in the future.

  1.     Why is it so important now more than ever for people to come to Blades USA? 

As rotor sizes continue to grow and designs are optimized for cost, it is important that the industry continues to innovate with solutions to keep blades running by catching any damage or defects early, ensuring high quality repairs, and focusing on quality in manufacturing. Blades USA provides a uniquely focused conference for companies across the lifecycle of the blades to come together and discuss solutions to these challenges.

  1.     What can we expect from Onyx Insights this year?

ONYX will continue to expand our growth into the blades space for customized engineering consulting, monitoring, and software solutions. Our software, AIHub, which digitizes repair and alarm tracking for blades and other components, has exciting releases in lost energy, SCADA alarms, repair planning, and many others in 2022.

Megan Rotondo, Senior Consulting Engineer at Onyx Insight, will be joining our 9:40am panel discussion on Predictive, Preventative and Autonomous Maintenance on day 1 of Blades USA 

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