Interview with LM Wind Power:

1.Why are you sponsoring Blades USA?

For LM Wind Power, the audience and topics discussed at Blades USA are highly relevant and a great platform to introduce our innovations to. Additionally, our participation will also increase our brand’s exposure to an audience that may not know about our blades and services well.

2.What are you most looking forward to at Blades USA?

We are looking forward to the innovation presentations to hear what are the latest developments in industry, and are of course looking forward to the reactions to ours!

3.What will you be speaking about on the day?

LM Wind Power will introduce a new leading edge protection ProBlade Ultra that is fast to install, with wider application window and a higher life-time value. 

4.Why is it so important now more than ever for people to come to Blades USA?

It is more important than ever to be up to speed with the changes and improvements in the rapidly evolving wind-industry. Events such as this are also a great platform to receive feedback and suggestions from customers and stakeholders in the industry on our products/ services and discuss possible collaborations.

5.What can we expect from LM Windpower this year?

LM Wind Power will be focusing on the next steps in our recently announced Zero waste Blades commitment where aim to send no excess manufacturing materials and packaging to landfill and incineration without energy recovery by 2030. We are also designing fully sustainable blades for future wind turbines under the ZEBRA (Zero wastE Blade ReseArch)  project and as an active member of the DecomBlades consortium we are collaborating with our partners to develop solutions that will enable the industry to commercialize viable recycling solutions.

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