Interview with Clobotics

  1. Why are you sponsoring Blades USA? 

Clobotics Wind Services has over 5 years of experience inspecting wind turbine blades, mostly throughout Europe and China. We are excited to bring our cutting-edge technology and expertise to the US, and Blades USA is a perfect place to introduce ourselves to prospective customers and partners.

2. What are you most looking forward to at Blades USA?

We are looking forward to introducing ourselves to prospective customers and hearing from them about the challenges they face in operating and maintaining wind turbines.

3. What will you be speaking about on the day?

We will speak about our cutting-edge blade inspection service and how we think it is different from alternatives in the marketplace.

4. Why is it so important now more than ever for people to come to Blades USA? 

This is an exciting time for the wind industry. First, public policy changes have generated strong momentum for increasing public investment in the wind energy space. Second, existing wind fleets are aging increasing the need for proactive monitoring and maintenance, which is an important factor in the overall economics of wind energy.

Blades are one of the most important components of a wind turbine, so this conference is well suited for gleaning insights and learning about technological innovations to manage fleets and maximize return on investment.

5. What can we expect from Clobotics Wind Services this year?

Clobotics Wind Services is known for cutting-edge technology and innovation that ultimately drives down costs and improves return on investment for our customers and partners. You can look to us to continue innovating and providing technology that propels the O&M part of the industry forward.


As a Cocktail Partner, join Clobotics Wind Services in our networking drinks to wrap up the event. 

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